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Manual Pallet Truck

Pallet Truck; they are vehicles that work with human control and are used for short distance transportation by horizontally lifting the loads loaded on the pallets by means of muscle power or motor power, by means of a hydraulic pump.
It works with the principle of getting the forks into the gaps on the pallets by means of the forks on it and lifting the forks up, taking the load and bringing the preparation to the action.

Pallet trucks are divided into classes according to the technical characteristics of their operating logic. We can list them as manual pallet trucks, battery powered pallet trucks, semi-battery pallet trucks and scale pallet trucks.

Manual pallet truck is called pallet trucks in which the back and forth and horizontal movements of the pallet truck are made by human power without relying on motor power.

Again, the carrying capacities of transpalets, fork or scissors types differ.

If you have decided to buy a manual pallet truck, it will be to your advantage in terms of price and performance to choose the one with the most suitable technical features according to the usage area.
Manual pallet trucks should only be used for load carrying purposes and should not be used for live transportation.

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