Full Battery Stackers

Battery-Powered Stacking Machine

A stacking machine refers to a device designed for transporting goods from one place to another, or for stacking products, goods, or raw materials onto high shelves.

There are various types of stacking machines, some operated by an operator's manual movement on foot, while others have battery-powered models or even motorized models that operators can use while sitting.

In short, stacking machines are machines capable of horizontally and vertically moving portable items by fitting them under forks.

The models that perform these transporting and lifting-lowering operations using battery (motor) power are called battery-powered stacking machines. When determining the need for a stacking machine, the usage area is usually taken into consideration. The type of stacking machine can be chosen based on the industry and whether the area of operation is open or closed. Depending on the requirements, there are battery-powered stacking machines, semi-electric stacking machines, and manual stacking machines available.

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