Economic Lift 5 Ton Hand Pallet Truck

Economic Lift 5 Ton Hand Pallet Truck
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It is used for transporting tracked loads with a carrying capacity of 5 Ton.

Capacity: 3 ton

Distance between forks: 540 mm

Min. Lifting Height: 85 mm

Max. Lifting Height: 200 mm

Fork length : 1150 mm

Number of Front Wheel : 2

Number of Back Wheel : 4

Size of Front Wheel : 200 x 50 mm

Size of Back Wheel : 85 x 80 mm

Piston Pin: 40 mm




5 Ton Manual Pallet Truck

Transporting stacked products is a tiring and laborious task if you do not have the necessary equipment. However, if you want to complete this application in a short time and effortlessly, manual pallet trucks can be your leading player. Especially if you have heavy palletized loads due to its structure, 'Economic Lift 5 Ton Manual Pallet Truck' is your solution partner. Thanks to both the length of the fork and the carrying capacity, you can complete the process quickly and easily in your transportation works. 
There are also some questions in mind for a product with a load carrying quota of 5 tons. Because of its almost equivalent feature to a forklift, the issue of 'solidity' is a matter of curiosity. Our product forks are a true symbol of durability as they are made of '160 U Material'.
   The cast pump in our product, on the other hand, performs ultra performance despite all kinds of difficult lifting conditions and easily completes the lifting and lowering operations. Thus, it contains all the qualities necessary for the transport of loadsone location to another. In this way, it brings not only palletized products, but also preferability to the highest level. In addition, this product has some extras due to its very high carrying capacity. 
Thanks to the 40 mm piston shaft in its structure, its movement functions have been increased. Therefore, it allows the work to continue without any problems. In this sense, you can carry even the toughest loads. Having a manual structure prevents youmaking any financial expenses.


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