EKONOMİK Lift 2.5 Ton Short Hand Pallet Truck

EKONOMİK Lift 2.5 Ton Short Hand Pallet Truck
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It is used for transporting tracked loads with a carrying capacity of 2.5 Ton.

Capacity: 2.5 ton

Distance between forks: 540 mm

Min. Lifting Height: 85 mm

Max. Lifting Height: 200 mm

Fork length : 800 mm

Number of Front Wheel : 2

Number of Back Wheel : 4

Size of Front Wheel : 200 x 50 mm

Size of Back Wheel : 80 x 70 mm



2.5 Ton Short Manual Pallet Truck

  There are certain equipment needed to transport products stacked on a horizontal floor. In this sense, you can choose Manual Pallet Trucks, which provide a great advantage in terms of ease of use and price / performance. 
We can say that the most suitable manual pallet truck for you is the 'Economic Lift 2.5 Ton Short Manual Pallet Truck', especially if the loads you will be carrying are more minimal in terms of size. 
The distance between the forks is 540 mm, and it has a durable structure that meets your requirements in terms of carrying capacity. In addition, it makes the product transportation process much easier with its lifting capacity of up to 20 cmthe ground.
  This manual pallet truck can take much more load than its counterparts in terms of carrying capacity. In addition, it has brought a new dimension to product transportation with its powerful pump system. Thanks to the qualities it gainspower and work, 
it facilitates this whole process as if using an automatic product. What you need to do is very simple; adjusting the height, loading the load correctly, driving it to the target location and lowering that load again. It eliminates all the details that will require you to exert extra effort. 
When choosing our manual pallet trucks, which are based on strength and durability due to their structure, you should also consider the transport products you perform. Thus, you can ensure the most accurate product ion by evaluating the fork length, carrying capacity and other qualities. However, if you have any question marks in your mind, you can contact us at any time.