EKONOMİK Lift 2.5 Ton Hand Pallet Truck

EKONOMİK Lift 2.5 Ton Hand Pallet Truck
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It is used for transporting tracked loads with a carrying capacity of 2.5 Ton.

Capacity: 2.5 ton

Distance between forks: 540 mm

Min. Lifting Height: 85 mm

Max. Lifting Height: 200 mm

Fork length : 1150 mm

Number of Front Wheel : 2

Number of Back Wheel : 4

Size of Front Wheel : 200 x 50 mm

Size of Back Wheel : 80 x 70 mm



2.5 Ton Manual Pallet Truck

Do you have a large factory or a business with heavy loads? In this case, there are certain products that you need to complete your migration. At the beginning of these is the Manual Pallet Truck. If your aim is to complete the process easily and quickly, we would like to state that you are examining the right product. Many people who have this need have some question marks in their minds. 
These are the questions such as 'How much load capacity does the manual pallet truck have?', 'Will I face any technical problems?', 'How can I use this product?'. Let's clarify some issues in order to create a more transparent image on this issue. With our Economic Lift 2.5 Ton Manual Pallet Truck product, you can easily transport your stacked materials up to the quota determined. However, all of our products are CE certified and comply with European standards. 
Safety, health and environmental protection issues have been evaluated and approved.
   This manual pallet truck has a fork length of 1150 mm (115 cm) and has the capacity to handle much larger packages. Thus, by saving work and time, you will be able to solve this situation, which is of high importance. Moreover, our product, which has such high capabilities, is offered for sale with a high quality and best price guarantee. Among the main reasons for this, we are completely focused on domestic production without being dependent on foreign production. 
Therefore, we keep the quality at the maximum level and minimize the cost. This increases the number of our references who prefer us as İzmir Demir Lift. You can contact us at any time for more detailed information.