EKONOMİK Lift 2.5 Ton, 1.5 Metre Long Hand Pallet Truck

EKONOMİK Lift 2.5 Ton, 1.5 Metre Long Hand Pallet Truck
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It is used for transporting tracked loads with a carrying capacity of 2.5 Ton.

Capacity: 2.5 ton

Distance between forks: 540 mm

Min. Lifting Height: 85 mm

Max. Lifting Height: 200 mm

Fork length : 1500 mm

Number of Front Wheel : 2

Number of Back Wheel : 4

Size of Front Wheel : 200 x 50 mm

Size of Back Wheel : 80 x 70 mm



2.5 Ton 1.5 Meter Long Manual Pallet Truck

How do you transport your stacked products? We can say that there are several specific methods for this. However, the important thing is to be able to choose the most accurate one of these methods. Especially if your palletized materials that you will transport are above a certain level in length, not every transport equipment can complete your work. Just in this case, “Economic Lift 2.5 Ton 1.5 Meter Long Manual Pallet Truck” comes into play. 
Together with its carrying capacity, it is the savior of difficult transportation processes with its 150 cm long fork structure. Likewise, if the size of your single stacked product group is more than 115 cm, the product you need is our manual pallet truck with a fork length of 1.5 meters.
   The distance between both forks is 54 cm, and it is designed to overcome all tough conditions. Moreover, we have a 2-year authorized service guarantee for each of our products. Thus, you can continue to use your manual pallet truck with peace of mind without any question marks in your mind. In addition, our manual pallet trucks are both durable and economical with the quality and domestic materials we use. 
However, high mobility during load carrying is an important factor. Being aware of this issue, we manufacture our equipment. If you want to have successful experiences in transportation, you can contact us at any time.