What to Consider When Using Stacker Machines

What to Consider When Using Stacker Machines

Stacker machines are tools that deliver effective results in warehouses or production areas, significantly increasing work efficiency. With their compact design, they ensure easy and safe use. However, there are some simple factors to consider during the use of these specialized tools to avoid issues. The details regarding these factors are outlined as follows:


Choose the Right Stacker Machine Firstly, it should be understood that stacker machines come in various types. Manual, electric, semi-electric, battery-powered, and semi-battery-powered options each have their unique features and advantages. Additionally, their weight and lifting height capacities vary. Therefore, you need to select the appropriate one based on your needs and expectations.

When making your choice, you should consider the maximum weight of the loads to be lifted. Also, the height of the shelves in the warehouse or production area should be taken into account. Making a choice considering these factors is the first thing to pay attention to.

Do Not Overload the Stacker Machine Each stacker machine has a load-bearing capacity. The systems in the machines work smoothly up to their maximum capacity. However, exceeding the capacity can bring various risks. Therefore, the stacker machines should not be loaded with weights beyond their capacities.

Create Adequate Space Stacker machines have high maneuverability even in tight spaces due to their specialized wheels. This feature provides ease of use. Although they have the ability to maneuver well, they require a certain amount of space. Especially considering the size of the loads to be lifted, warehouses or production areas should be designed accordingly.

Keep the Floor Clean Stacker machines move on specially designed wheels. These wheels can easily carry loads weighing tons. However, during the transfer of loads from one point to another, a smooth and clean floor is required. A rough or dirty floor can hinder their mobility. Therefore, it's important to ensure that the floor is suitable and clean for safe and effective use.

Regular Maintenance Since these tools lift very heavy loads, they should be regularly inspected. Any potential issues noticed during inspections should be addressed to ensure safer usage. Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in safety and should never be neglected. Stacker machines have low maintenance costs. In this aspect, they do not burden users financially.

Use Quality Shelves and Shelf Protectors It's important for the shelves in the warehouse or production area to be of high quality. After all, these shelves will carry tons of weight. Additionally, it's important to remember that the shelves are generally unprotected against potential collisions. Therefore, quality protectors should be used on the corners and other areas of the shelves. Frame protectors can be used to reinforce the shelves.

When these factors are taken into account, stacker machines will be used more safely and smoothly. To ensure the fulfillment of expectations and needs in a safe manner, these factors must be considered.