Usage of Semi-Electric Stacker Machines in Multi-Level Warehouses

Usage of Semi-Electric Stacker Machines in Multi-Level Warehouses

The semi-electric stacker machine stands out for effectively meeting the needs and expectations in multi-level warehouses. It enables a much more efficient use of warehouses with high shelving systems.

What is a Semi-Electric Stacker Machine? Before discussing the use of semi-electric stacker machines in multi-level warehouses, it's useful to mention the general features of these tools. These machines allow for the vertical and horizontal movement of loads. Vertically, the lifting of loads is achieved through electricity obtained from the grid via cables. Horizontally, the movement of loads is accomplished through the physical effort of operators.

Semi-electric stackers come with different load and lifting height capacities. Considering the maximum weight of loads in multi-level warehouses and the height of the shelves, the suitable option should be chosen.

Why Should I Use Stacker Machines in Multi-Level Warehouses? In multi-level warehouses, labor and time are of utmost importance. Heavy loads need to be placed or removed from shelves in the shortest time possible with minimal labor. One of the most effective options for this purpose is semi-electric stacker machines. There are various reasons that make these machines a preferred choice. The key reasons are as follows:

Safety: These machines enable safe operations with their specialized designs. It's well known that accidents during the handling of very heavy weights pose significant risks to both workers' health and products. An accident can lead to substantial financial losses within the warehouse. Additionally, it can result in injuries to workers or even loss of life. Semi-electric stacker machines minimize all these risks.

Cost Savings: Semi-electric stackers save both time and money. These machines enable tasks to be completed in a much shorter time and with significantly less labor. Loads weighing hundreds of kilograms can be safely placed on high shelves within minutes.

Efficiency: They enhance work efficiency by allowing workers to accomplish more tasks in a shorter amount of time. The amount of work employees can do without these machines is much lower compared to what can be achieved with them.

Low Cost: Semi-electric stacker machines lower operational costs. Moreover, the cost of the machine itself and maintenance expenses are relatively low. Therefore, they are a cost-effective solution. This aspect makes them a recommended choice for multi-level warehouses.

In conclusion, the usage of semi-electric stacker machines in multi-level warehouses offers a range of advantages. These advantages include improved safety, cost savings, increased efficiency, and reduced operational expenses.