EKONOMİK LIFT YES2020 Semi Electric Stacker (2 Ton, 2 Mt)

EKONOMİK LIFT YES2020 Semi Electric Stacker (2 Ton, 2 Mt)
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Driving Type : Manuel

Lifting Type : Electric

Operating Voltage : 220 Voltage- 380 Voltage

Capacity: 2000 kg

Machine Lift Height : 2000 mm

Closed Height of the Machine : 2450 mm

Machine Width : 115 cm

Fork Lenght: 115 cm

Fork Width :160 mm

Forks Far Right / Far Left ( Overall Dimension): 90 cm

Machine Weight : 340 kg

Wheels : Polyamide

Brake : Manuel

The Reels Are Made of Cast Material.

Forks Can Be Manufactured As Fixed or Mobile


The YES2020 Semi Electric Stacker (2 Ton 2.0 M) is an industrial vehicle that offers versatile usage options. Designed with durability and reliability in mind, this vehicle allows you to lift weights up to 2 tons without relying on manual strength. Its unique system enables lifting of loads up to 2 meters in height, making it convenient for stacking or unloading goods in warehouses, containers, and similar areas.


The semi-electric stacker can be adjusted with its forks to suit the task at hand, resulting in more efficient outcomes. Its silent operation not only prevents noise pollution but also avoids causing inconvenience to other personnel in the area.


The manual usage option, which is the reason behind its semi-electric designation, enables the horizontal movement of loads. With the help of polyamide wheels, compact design, and smooth steering, loads can be transported quickly and safely to the desired location.


Using the YES semi-electric stacker from Ekonomik Lift, you can save a significant amount of time and enhance job safety. Tasks that would normally require long hours of manual labor can be completed in a much shorter time period without relying on physical strength.