EKONOMİK LIFT YES1535 Semi Electric Stacker (1.5 Ton, 3.5 Mt)

EKONOMİK LIFT YES1535 Semi Electric Stacker (1.5 Ton, 3.5 Mt)
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Driving Type : Manuel

Lifting Type : Electric

Operating Voltage : 220 Voltage- 380 Voltage

Capacity: 1500 kg

Machine Lift Height : 3500 mm

Closed Height of the Machine : 2400 mm

Open Height of the Machine : 4100 mm

Machine Width : 115 cm

Fork Lenght: 115 cm

Fork Width :140 mm

Forks Far Right / Far Left ( Overall Dimension): 90 cm

Machine Weight : 380 kg

Wheels : Polyamide

Brake : Manuel

The Reels Are Made of Cast Material.

Forks Can Be Manufactured As Fixed or Mobile


Ekonomik Lift YES 1535 Semi Electric Stacker

The YES 1535 Semi Electric Stacker, with a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons and a lifting height of 3.5 meters, is an effective tool for speeding up tasks and increasing productivity. It is used for fast loading and unloading of containers, warehouses, and cargo trucks. The machine's ground lifting capacity is 3.5 meters. The semi electric stacker, developed for easy and smooth transportation of loads, also demonstrates its impact on improving occupational safety. It is considered a reliable vehicle due to its steel construction and cast wheels. The presence of adjustable forks and load arms allows the vehicle to be adapted to the specific tasks at hand, minimizing the risks associated with heavy lifting.


The hydraulic pumps powered by electric energy enable these vehicles to lift very heavy loads. The loads lifted vertically can also be transported horizontally if desired. This requires proper placement of the load and human effort.


The Ekonomik Lift YES 1535 Semi Electric Stacker has a total weight of 380 kg. With its compact design and other features, it effectively meets the needs in this field. This machine, a product of the latest generation technology, enables lifting of loads even in tight spaces.