EKONOMİK LIFT YES1016 Semi Electric Stacker (1 Ton, 1.60 Mt)

EKONOMİK LIFT YES1016 Semi Electric Stacker (1 Ton, 1.60 Mt)
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Driving Type : Manuel

Lifting Type : Electric

Operating Voltage : 220 Voltage- 380 Voltage

Capacity: 1000 kg

Machine Lift Height : 1600 mm

Closed Height of the Machine : 2000 mm

Machine Width : 115 cm

Fork Lenght: 115 cm

Fork Width :140 mm

Forks Far Right / Far Left ( Overall Dimension): 90 cm

Machine Weight : 280 kg

Wheels : Polyamide

Brake : Manuel

The Reels Are Made of Cast Material.

Forks Can Be Manufactured As Fixed or Mobile


YES1016 Semi Electric Stacker (1 Ton 1.60 M)

Stacker machines are used for lifting and moving loads in storage and similar areas where manual labor is not sufficient. The YES1016 Semi Electric Stacker from Ekonomik Lift is one of the significant options that effectively meets the expectations in this field.


Made of sturdy steel construction, this product operates with electric hydraulic pumps. These pumps are used for vertical lifting of loads. Due to its design, it is easy and safe to move horizontally. It effectively responds to needs such as stacking loads in storage areas or loading them onto different vehicles.


The semi electric stacker can be manually driven and allows the loads to be lifted to the desired height with just a button press. With a length of 2 meters and a weight of 280 kg, this machine enables significant time and labor savings in storage areas.


The YES1016 Semi Electric Stacker is a equipment that falls between a forklift and a pallet truck in terms of economics. While being more cost-effective than a forklift, it has a higher load lifting capacity than a pallet truck. With a lifting capacity of 1 ton, this tool will effectively meet your needs in your warehouses while minimizing the risks of accidents and injuries.


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