EKONOMİK Lift 2.5 Ton Scale Pallet Truck

EKONOMİK Lift 2.5 Ton Scale Pallet Truck
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Capacity: 2.5 ton

Distance between forks: 540 mm

Min. Lifting Height: 93 mm

Max. Lifting Height: 200 mm

Fork length : 1150 mm

Number of Front Wheel : 2

Number of Back Wheel : 4

Size of Front Wheel : 200 x 50 mm

Size of Back Wheel : 80 x 70 mm



Factories, supermarkets, cold storage facilities, warehouses, and industrial sectors rely on pallet trucks to easily move, load, and unload heavy loads such as raw materials, products, and materials from one place to another. Pallet trucks, also known as transpallets, are manually operated tools that enable these movements with human force. They are produced and classified with different features according to various sectors and loads. The classification generally includes manual pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, and weighing pallet trucks. Weighing pallet trucks refer to the type of pallet trucks where the load is weighed during transportation and loading processes.


At İzmir Demir Lift, we specialize in producing weighing pallet trucks in the Economic Lift class. Our weighing pallet trucks stand out among their counterparts in terms of price-performance ratio due to their user-friendly design, domestic production, CE certification, 2-year service warranty, and lifetime spare parts availability guarantee.


The ECONOMIC LIFT 2.5 Ton Weighing Pallet Truck is one of the top performers in its class with a 2.5-ton load capacity and ±1 weighing accuracy. With a fork length of 1150 mm, the "ECONOMIC LIFT 2.5 Ton Weighing Pallet Truck" is also among the best in its class with a lifting capacity of 200 mm.


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