Why is a Manual Stacker Machine Preferred?

Why is a Manual Stacker Machine Preferred?

A manual stacker machine is a tool developed for lifting heavy loads and placing them in desired locations. As the name suggests, it operates manually or partly based on human power. With its general functions and features, the manual stacker is becoming increasingly popular day by day. It is preferred more than other options in this field. But why?

There are various tools used for stacking. Some of them don't even require the slightest human power. It effectively meets expectations and needs with its features. Manual stacker machines draw attention with a significant popularity compared to these high-tech options. You can find the reasons behind this situation and details about why manual stacker machines are more preferred in the continuation of our article.

Advantages of Manual Stacker Machines

A manual stacker machine produces simple yet effective solutions. The advantages it provides in its usage area can generally be listed as follows:

Initial purchase costs are much more affordable compared to other options.

They have a simple working principle, so maintenance costs are low.

They are very easy to use.

The operators do not need a special certificate. (However, it's important for the operator to receive training and be familiar with the usage for safety reasons.)

You don't need to worry about issues like having the charging device plugged in or the battery running out. They operate without electricity and batteries.

They have simple designs, providing high reliability and durability.

They have a compact design.

They allow the simple lifting of weights like 2 tons with human power, thus saving electricity.

These are the highlighted advantages of manually operated stacker machines. Due to these advantages, they are known to be widely preferred today.

Where is a Manual Stacker Machine Used?

With its features, a manual stacker machine offers effective solutions for lifting and transporting loads. However, the usage of these highly effective tools requires certain specifications in the usage area. Some of the requirements that the usage areas should have are as follows:

The floor in the usage area must be even and clean. Since it operates based on human power, it's not suitable for areas with uneven floors.

It can be used not only on flat surfaces but also on sloped surfaces. However, excessive slope will increase the required human power. Therefore, it might not be an efficient solution for such areas.

Manual machines generally can lift weights up to 2 tons and heights of up to 3 meters. If the weight to be lifted is heavier or the desired lifting height is greater, they might not meet the requirements.

In case the necessary conditions are met in the relevant area, a manual stacker machine will effectively meet your needs and expectations.