Where is a Manual Stacker Machine Used?

Where is a Manual Stacker Machine Used?

A manual stacker machine is designed for lifting weights that cannot be lifted with human power alone. It has its own unique structure and, as the name suggests, operates manually or partly based on human power. So, where is a manual stacker machine used?

What is a Manual Stacker Machine?

It is a tool with functions such as lifting, lowering, and transporting loads. It requires the operator's strength during use. It is not one of the options that don't require human power. Its working principle is quite simple and relies on a hydraulic system. Yes, human power is needed to use these machines. However, it doesn't require a force that would strain the operators.

With its compact structure and short turning radius, it can be described as the ideal tool for manual lifting and transportation. Its usage is extremely easy, simple, and safe. Thanks to the hydraulic pump unit and the release trigger, loads are lifted and transported as desired.

The manual stacker machine comes with different load capacity options. When looking at the options, it can be seen that the load capacity varies as 500 kg, 1 ton, and 1.5 tons. Additionally, it can lift loads up to a maximum of 3 meters or lower them from a height of 3 meters. These general features are more than sufficient to meet expectations. However, in cases where heavier loads need to be lifted or loads need to be raised higher, different stacker machine options should be considered.

Where is a Manual Stacker Machine Used?

Due to its superior features, a manual stacker machine can be used in many sectors. It is known to be widely used in areas where heavy loads need to be lifted, such as warehouses. The capacity to lift loads of up to 1.5 tons and raise loads 3 meters high makes its range of applications quite extensive.

For these equipment that do not have an operator seat and are used while standing, it's important for the floor to be even and clean. They can also be used on sloped surfaces. However, a dirty or rough floor makes usage difficult and introduces different safety risks.

A manual stacker machine is used predominantly in sectors such as supermarkets, factories, logistics, transportation, and storage. Considering that warehouses are a necessity in many sectors today, it can be said that these machines are heavily used in various fields.