What to Consider Before Choosing a Stacker Machine

What to Consider Before Choosing a Stacker Machine

Stacker machines, also known as stackers, are used extensively in areas like factories and warehouses to lift and move heavy loads vertically and horizontally. These machines provide effective results even in tight spaces and come in different types. To meet your needs effectively, choosing the right stacker machine is crucial.

Stacker machines come in various options such as electric, semi-electric, battery-powered, semi-battery-powered, and manual. Each of these options has its own variations in terms of weight capacity and lifting height. Hence, when making a choice, you'll realize that there are numerous options available. To make the right choice, consider the following factors:

Load Capacity: Determine the load capacity of the machine based on the loads in your usage area. Stacker machines with various load capacities, starting from 500 kg, are available. When setting the capacity, take into account not only the current load weights but also potential future changes in weight. For instance, a 1-ton capacity stacker might fulfill your needs right now, but if it will be inadequate a few months later due to operational changes, opt for a higher capacity machine.

Lifting Height: The crucial feature of stacker machines is their ability to lift loads vertically. Vertical lifting enhances the efficient use of spaces like warehouses. Consider the heights of the shelves in your workspace and choose a stacker machine with an appropriate lifting height.

Options for Custom-Sized Stacker Machines: Just as stacker machines come in various types, there are also options for custom-sized machines tailored to your expectations and needs. When you require a stacker machine that suits the size, shape, and other characteristics of the loads you'll be handling, you can explore custom-sized stacker machine options.

Manual or Electric? Stacker machines are available both in manual and electric options. Manual stackers operate using a hydraulic system and a hand pump for vertical lifting. It's a simple jack mechanism. The load is lifted vertically by pumping the lever by hand, and for horizontal movement, the machine is either pushed or pulled. In electric, semi-electric, battery-powered, and semi-battery-powered options, loads are moved up and down using electric power. Depending on the considerations in your warehouse or production area, you can choose from these options.

By taking these factors into account, you can easily determine the most suitable option and make the right choice. Making the right choice will provide you with advantages from various perspectives.