What is a Weighing Semi-Electric Stacker Machine and What is Its Purpose?

What is a Weighing Semi-Electric Stacker Machine and What is Its Purpose?

A weighing semi-electric stacker machine provides significant ease and advantages in various applications due to its unique features. It differs from traditional stacker machines in some aspects and proves to be highly efficient in terms of both time and labor savings. In the continuation of our article, you will find answers to questions about what a weighing semi-electric stacker machine is and what its advantages are.

What is a Weighing Semi-Electric Stacker Machine? A semi-electric stacker machine is a type of equipment that enables the vertical and horizontal lifting of loads that cannot be lifted manually. During this process, these machines, being equipped with weighing scales, also measure the weights of the loads.

Stacker machines operate based on a simple principle. The hydraulic systems within their compact designs utilize the inability of liquids to be compressed and transmit pressure equally. The varying surface areas for pressure transmission result in an exponential growth of applied force. Consequently, even extremely heavy loads can be lifted with ease.

During the vertical lifting of loads by the semi-electric stacker machine, electrical energy is employed. Electric power obtained from the electrical grid through a cable within the machine is used to lift the loads. For the horizontal transportation of loads, human effort is required. Operators push the machine to bring the loads to their desired locations. Thanks to its special design, the machine maintains balance throughout these operations, preventing any undesirable incidents like tipping over.

Different types of weighing semi-electric stacker machines have varying capacities in terms of the weight they can lift and the height at which loads can be raised. Therefore, selecting the suitable machine according to needs and expectations is essential.

Advantages of Weighing Semi-Electric Stacker Machines A weighing semi-electric stacker machine, in addition to its lifting functions, can also weigh loads. As some products must be weighed during loading or unloading, the usual process involves using the stacker machine to move the products to a scale after which they are returned to their original position. However, with the integrated weighing system, products are weighed during transportation. This approach not only saves time but also enhances efficiency.

A weighing semi-electric stacker machine with a built-in weighing system also offers significant advantages in terms of occupational safety. To benefit from all these advantages, you can get in touch with our company, where you can place an order for the stacker machine that suits your needs.