What is a Stacking Machine? What are the Types of Stacking Machines?

What is a Stacking Machine? What are the Types of Stacking Machines?

This article has been prepared to provide answers to all the questions you might have about stacking machines, from their definition to their various types, in order to help you gain a better understanding.


What is a Stacking Machine?

A stacking machine is a vehicle used to transport and lift loads that are stacked in places like warehouses, factories, and markets, enabling them to be moved from one location to another and lifted or lowered.


In today's modern industrial environments, the organized transportation and stacking of loads in places like warehouses, factories, and markets are crucial for efficient and effective operations. One of the critical tools that fulfill this function is the stacking machine. Stacking machines are equipped with hydraulic systems that perform the tasks of transporting and loading/unloading loads from one point to another. The lifting and lowering movements, executed through hydraulic pumps, can be powered by human strength, batteries, or electric energy, depending on the power source. These functional machines provide significant convenience in modern industrial processes.


Types of Stacking Machines

Loading and lifting movements in stacking machines are performed through hydraulic pumps. The power driving these hydraulic pumps can be human strength, batteries, or electrical power. Stacking machines are categorized accordingly. Generally, the operational principles of all stacking machines are the same. However, they can be categorized based on their mobility as Manual Stacking Machines, Semi-Electric Stacking Machines, Semi-Powered Stacking Machines, and Fully Electric Stacking Machines. Within each category, these stacking machines can also be classified based on their carrying capacities (500 kg, 1 ton, 1.5 tons, 2 tons) and maximum lifting heights (1.60 m, 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m). Sometimes, names like "narrow aisle stacking machine" can also be used to describe machines with these features.


According to the explanation above, the types of stacking machines are as follows:

  1. Manual Stacking Machine
  2. Semi-Electric Stacking Machine
  3. Semi-Powered Stacking Machine
  4. Fully Electric Stacking Machine
  5. Coil Stacking Machine


Manual Stacking Machine

Manual stacking machines are vehicles that facilitate the loading, unloading, and transportation of products stacked on pallets. These machines, operated by human strength, use hydraulic pumps for horizontal and vertical movements. Manual stacking machines, which are fundamental tools in warehouse operations, find extensive use across various industries.


As İzmir Demir Lift, we provide a wide range of products in the field of Manual Stacking Machines, offering unique solutions.


Designed specifically for your business needs and working conditions, these machines help streamline processes such as transporting, loading, and unloading products on pallets. Our manual stacking machines stand out with ergonomic designs, safety measures, and user-friendly features.


Semi-Electric Stacking Machine

A semi-electric stacking machine is a vehicle used for transporting loads from one place to another in factory and storage areas through an operator's control, and lifting and lowering operations are powered by hydraulic pumps using electrical energy.


Semi-electric stacking machines, designed to meet the complex needs of factories and storage areas, perform transport and lifting operations under the control of an operator. These machines combine the power of hydraulic pumps with electrical energy to safely transport and stack loads. Differing from fully electric pallet jacks, semi-electric stacking machines are capable of not only transporting but also loading and unloading tasks efficiently and flawlessly.


It's important to note that semi-electric stacking machines should not be confused with electric pallet jacks or fully electric pallet jacks. Electric pallet jacks or fully electric pallet jacks are only used for transport purposes. Stacking machines can perform both the tasks of pallet jacks and loading and unloading tasks.


İzmir Demir Lift operates with 100% local capital in Turkey and manufactures semi-electric stacking machines under the brand name Ekonomik Lift. Developed with superior design and engineering, these machines combine manual driving capabilities with electric lifting features. Made with cast iron rollers, polyamide wheels, and various fork options, these machines are designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial enterprises.


Semi-Powered Stacking Machine

Stacking machines, also known as "stacker machines," are used across a wide range of applications, from industrial facilities to warehouses, to lift, lower, and perform horizontal-vertical movements for various loads. These machines are developed with the aim of making work processes more efficient. Stacking machines are categorized based on usage areas and technical specifications: powered stacking machines, semi-powered stacking machines, and manual stacking machines.


Each category is designed and produced to address unique needs, thus achieving a balance between price and performance. Powered stacking machines are machines in which all movements are powered by motor. Semi-powered stacking machines, on the other hand, are vehicles where some movements are powered by hydraulic pumps and others by battery power. Machines that operate solely on human power for movements are referred to as manual stacking machines.


This diversity aims to provide tailored solutions to the specific needs of businesses. Semi-powered stacking machines are developed to enhance efficiency in the transportation and handling processes of loads, catering to the needs of various enterprises across different sectors.


Fully Electric Stacking Machine

Machines designed to effectively meet transportation and stacking needs are referred to as fully electric stacking machines.


These specialized machines are used for purposes such as transporting, stacking, and placing loads on high shelves, thus optimizing work processes.


Fully electric stacking machines are designed for various usage scenarios. They come in models that can be operated by an operator, powered by batteries, and also in motorized electric forklift models that the operator can use while sitting down, which can work with various fuel types.


These machines are capable of transporting loads in both horizontal and vertical positions through the forks that go underneath the products.


Fully electric stacking machines get their name because their movements are powered by battery. Businesses can choose different stacking machine models based on the specific area of usage. The type of business and the characteristics of the working area are considered when choosing the appropriate model.


A wide range of options for fully electric stacking machines is available, allowing businesses to find solutions that fit their unique needs. Depending on the requirements, choices can be made among options such as fully electric stacking machines, semi-powered stacking machines, and manual stacking machines.


Coil Stacking Machine

Coil stacking machines are specially designed machines for effectively transporting and stacking coils. In the manual model, forward-backward and up-down movements are carried out manually. However, the up-down movement can be automated through electricity to create a semi-electric model.


These machines are developed to increase efficiency in coil transportation and stacking operations. They find widespread use in warehouses, chemical plants, wire production workshops, yarn and weaving factories, among others.


In the manual model, the operator manually controls the movements to position the coils as needed. However, in the semi-electric model, certain tasks such as height adjustment are automated using electricity. This enables operations to be carried out more efficiently and reliably.


These specialized machines are designed taking into account the weight and dimensions of the coils and are suitable for use in various industrial sectors. They are versatile and suitable for use in a wide range of industries, from chemical plants to wire production workshops.


Stacking Machine Prices

In Turkey, there are many stacking machine brands such as Ekonomik Lift, Netlif, SPM, Biglift, and Asimato. As a result, each product has a different pricing policy based on its features and brand. To find the most accurate price for stacking machines, you should first accurately determine your needs. Once you've identified the type of stacking machine you need and its loading and lifting capabilities, you can examine all the brands and conduct a proper price analysis. However, factors like materials used in the product, technical support, and spare part availability will also come into play.


İzmir Demir Lift, operating with 100% local capital, manufactures stacking machines under the brand Ekonomik Lift. All our products come with a 2-year authorized service warranty and a lifetime supply of spare parts.


To learn more, you can explore our products in the stacking machine category or contact us through our communication channels for detailed information. We would be happy to assist you.