Types of Stacker Machines

Types of Stacker Machines

Manual Stacker Machine

A manual stacker machine is a transport vehicle that is moved by pushing or pulling with human power. It operates entirely on human power without any electrical assistance. It requires human effort to lift loads. These stacker machines are the most economical options available.

Semi-Electric Stacker Machine

A semi-electric stacker machine is operated using electrical power for lifting and loading, but it is propelled by human power. It is faster and more convenient compared to a manual stacker machine. This is because the lifting is primarily powered by electricity rather than human effort. Semi-electric stacker machines are slightly more expensive than manual ones.

Full Electric Stacker Machine

A full electric stacker machine uses electrical power for both lifting and movement. It doesn't require human assistance for lifting and doesn't need to be pushed to move. However, it is more expensive than other types of stacker machines, even though it offers more convenience by eliminating the need for human effort during lifting and propulsion.