Save Time and Money with Stacker Machines

Save Time and Money with Stacker Machines

Stacker machines are vehicles developed to lift heavy loads to certain heights. When used, these machines offer many advantages, particularly increasing work efficiency by saving both time and money. To achieve maximum efficiency, selecting the right stacker machine is crucial. For this purpose, having knowledge about different types of stacker machines is important.

Types of Stacker Machines

Stacker machines come in various types, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs and expectations. Some commonly preferred types of stackers are:

· Manual Stacker Machine As the name suggests, manual stacker machines are entirely operated manually. They can transport loads horizontally and vertically. For vertical movement, a type of jack system within the machine is employed. For horizontal movements, workers can simply push or pull the machine.

Manual stacker machines can lift loads as heavy as 1.5 tons to heights of up to 3 meters. There are different options with varying load and height capacities. The appropriate choice can be made based on factors like load weight and the height of the storage shelves.

· Semi-Electric Stacker Machine Semi-electric stacker machines use electric power to lift loads vertically, while human power is required for horizontal movement. There are different variations within the semi-electric stacker category. Lifting loads weighing tons to heights of 3 meters or more is easily achievable with these machines. Semi-electric stackers draw electric energy from power lines through a cable.

· Semi-Powered Stacker Machine Semi-powered stacker machines operate using energy from an on-board battery to lift loads vertically. Like the previous type, human power is needed for horizontal movement. However, due to their compact design, moving loads horizontally requires less effort.

Semi-powered stacker machines come in different load and height capacities. There are options that can lift heavy loads to heights of up to 4.5 meters.

· Coil Stacker Machine Coil stacker machines are specifically designed for transporting coils. The transporting sections of these machines are designed for loads with oval shapes like coils or rolls. Depending on the dimensions of the coils or rolls to be transported, these machines can be customized for production.

· Customized Stacker Machine Customized stacker machines are designed to match the characteristics of the loads and the storage areas. These machines stand out by fulfilling specific needs and expectations.

Save Time and Money with Stacker Machines

The various types of stacker machines contribute to effective results in various usage areas. Tasks that would normally take hours for several workers can be completed in a very short time with these machines. This leads to saving both time and labor. Consequently, it results in an increase in overall efficiency.

Apart from time and labor savings, these practical machines are also notable for their low maintenance costs. Stacker machine variations will meet your expectations in every aspect.