Pallet Truck Operating Instructions

Pallet Truck Operating Instructions

1- Check the pallet truck before use.

2- Do not attempt to transport people or animals, only load and goods.

3- The person operating the pallet truck should be knowledgeable about the job.

4- Do not try to carry a load heavier than the maximum capacity of the pallet truck.

5- Distribute the loads evenly and balanced on the left and right forks of the pallet truck.

6- Avoid carrying loads on inclined surfaces with the pallet truck.

7- Do not use the pallet truck in areas outside your line of sight.

8- When not using the pallet truck, leave the forks in the lowest position.

9- Do not attempt to load the pallet truck with the forks in a high position.

10- Start transporting the load only when you are sure it is securely placed on the forks.

11- Avoid using the pallet truck on soft surfaces.

12- Be at the front of the handle while transporting the load.