Pallet Jack - What is it?

Pallet Jack - What is it?

A pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, is a material handling tool designed to move and position palletized or packaged goods over short distances and within confined spaces. It is equipped with strong motors suitable for rack systems and is specially built to withstand both hot and cold environments. Pallet jacks come in two main types: manual pallet jacks and electric (battery-powered) pallet jacks.

Manual Pallet Jack:

A manual pallet jack is operated entirely by the operator who loads and directs it during transportation. These jacks are used for moving packaged and stored goods by the control of the operator. They are commonly used on short distances and flat surfaces. Manual pallet jacks typically have a load capacity ranging from 1 ton to 5 tons and fork lengths that can vary from 80 cm to 3.5 meters. They are suitable for workplaces with a relatively lower pace of operations.

Technical Specifications of Manual Pallet Jack:

Load Capacity: 2500 KG

Fork Width: 520 MM

Fork Length: 2000 MM

Number of Front Wheels: 2

Number of Rear Wheels: 4

Front Wheel Size: 200 X 50 MM

Rear Wheel Size: 80 X 70 MM

Electric (Battery-Powered) Pallet Jack:

An electric pallet jack is powered by a battery, which provides the necessary force to move the loaded or packaged goods. Compared to manual pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks can handle higher loads, making them more suitable for workplaces with higher workload and where operators need less physical effort. These jacks are commonly used on flat and smooth surfaces and provide time and labor savings.

Technical Specifications of Electric Pallet Jack:

Lifting Capacity: 1000 Kg to 2500 Kg

Load Center: 600 mm

Fork Dimensions: 60 x 184 x 1200 mm

Fork Lowering Height: 88 mm

Lowered Fork Height: 120 mm

Maximum Lifting Height: 730 mm

Machine Length: 573 mm (excluding forks)

Machine Width: 660 mm

Turning Radius: 1707 mm

Aisle Width: 2123 mm (800 x 1200 mm pallet)

Walking Motor Type: Electric / AC motor

Walking Motor Power: 1.3 kW

Lifting Motor Power: 2.2 kW

Battery Capacity: 150 Ah

Battery Voltage: 24 Volt

Travel Speed (loaded/unloaded): 5.7 / 6.0 km/h

Platform: None

Transpallet Parts:

The key components of a pallet jack include:

Frame and Forks: Sturdy frame and forks designed for lifting heavy loads.

Wheels: Equipped with durable polyurethane wheels to ensure smooth movement.

Control Handle: Steel control handle for maximum safety and easy operation.

Benefits of Pallet Jacks:

Facilitate easy and efficient transportation of heavy loads.

Reduce physical strain on workers while handling heavy items.

Enhance workplace safety during load transportation.

Reduce the risk of ergonomic issues related to skeletal and muscle systems.

Improve overall work efficiency in material handling tasks.

In conclusion, pallet jacks play a crucial role in the efficient handling and transportation of goods within the furniture industry and various other industries. It is essential to choose the right type of pallet jack based on the specific requirements and workload of the operation. Proper maintenance and adherence to safety guidelines are vital to ensure the longevity and safe operation of pallet jacks. For further information and inquiries, you can contact İzmir Demir Lift, a reliable and experienced provider of high-quality pallet jacks and other material handling equipment.