Ideal Solutions for Safe Handling and Stacking of Heavy Loads

Ideal Solutions for Safe Handling and Stacking of Heavy Loads

Coil stackers offer ideal solutions for handling and stacking heavy loads. These machines are suitable for use in many industries, from warehouses to chemical plants, wire manufacturing workshops to spinning and weaving mills. They provide a safe working environment while increasing productivity for businesses.


Coil stacker types include manual and semi-electric models. While forward-backward and up-and-down movements are performed manually in manual models, up-and-down movement can be automated in semi-electric models. This saves labor and speeds up work processes.


Parameters such as the diameter, length, weight and desired height of the coil are decisive for the use of these machines. The coil stacker, which is specially designed by taking these factors into account during the production phase, can safely carry loads and stack them to the desired points.


Coil stackers can be easily transported and maneuvered in narrow spaces thanks to their wheels. The load section allows loads to be lowered to the ground and lifted to the desired height. These features allow heavy loads to be transported safely and smoothly.


As a result, coil stackers offer ideal solutions for the safe handling and stacking of heavy loads. They help businesses increase their productivity while meeting safety standards. These machines, which can be designed according to requirements, play an important role in business processes and increase operational efficiency.