EKONOMİK LIFT YES1520 Semi Electric Stacker (1.5 Ton, 2 Mt)

EKONOMİK LIFT YES1520 Semi Electric Stacker (1.5 Ton, 2 Mt)
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Driving Type : Manuel

Lifting Type : Electric

Operating Voltage : 220 Voltage- 380 Voltage

Capacity: 1500 kg

Machine Lift Height : 2000 mm

Closed Lenght of the Machine : 2450 mm

Machine Width : 115 cm

Fork Lenght: 115 cm

Fork Width :140 mm

Forks Far Right / Far Left ( Overall Dimension): 90 cm

Machine Weight : 300 kg

Wheels : Polyamide

Brake : Manuel

The Reels Are Made of Cast Material.

Forks Can Be Manufactured As Fixed or Mobile


Ekonomik Lift YES1520 Semi Electric Stacker

The YES1520 Semi Electric Stacker (1.5 Ton 2.0 M) is a versatile and reliable piece of equipment known as a hydraulic stacker. It is designed to handle a variety of tasks, such as transporting loads, loading and unloading containers, and more.


The YES1520 Semi Electric Stacker by Ekonomik Lift has a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons and a lifting height of 2 meters. Its vertical movement is powered by electric hydraulic pumps, eliminating the need for manual effort. The horizontal movement is achieved through body force, thanks to its specialized design and the use of polyamide wheels.


One of the notable features of semi-electric stackers is their adjustable forks, which enable efficient operation. In this model, the forks can be either fixed or movable, allowing you to choose the appropriate option based on your specific needs.


The Ekonomik Lift YES1520 Semi Electric Stacker provides time and labor savings. Tasks that would typically require significant physical effort or manual tools can be completed quickly with this machine. Its reliable and manageable performance is a significant advantage.


These stackers have a simple operating principle and require minimal maintenance. With regular maintenance and necessary checks, they can be used trouble-free for an extended period. The YES1520 Semi Electric Stacker can handle heavy loads up to 1.5 tons and has a lifting capacity of 2 meters, effectively meeting your expectations in every aspect.