EKONOMİK LIFT YES1516 Semi Electric Stacker (1.5 Ton, 1.60 Mt)

EKONOMİK LIFT YES1516 Semi Electric Stacker (1.5 Ton, 1.60 Mt)
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Driving Type : Manuel

Lifting Type : Electric

Operating Voltage : 220 Voltage- 380 Voltage

Capacity: 1500 kg

Machine Lift Height : 1600 mm

Closed Height of the Machine : 2000 mm

Machine Width : 115 cm

Fork Lenght: 115 cm

Fork Width :140 mm

Forks Far Right / Far Left ( Overall Dimension): 90 cm

Machine Weight : 280 kg

Wheels : Polyamide

Brake : Manuel The Reels Are Made of Cast Material.

Forks Can Be Manufactured As Fixed or Mobile


Ekonomik Lift YES 1516 Semi Electric Stacker

The Ekonomik Lift YES 1516 Semi Electric Stacker allows for cost-effective operations such as stacking, loading, and unloading commercial vehicles. With its electric-powered hydraulic pumps, it has a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons. It is also capable of lifting loads up to 1.60 meters in height.


The semi-electric stacker derives its name from the fact that it uses electric power for some operations while relying on human labor for others. It enables the horizontal and vertical movement of goods. In vertical movement, electric power comes into play, utilizing the hydraulic pumps to lift loads weighing up to 1.5 tons. Horizontal movement, on the other hand, requires human effort. Thanks to the polyamide wheels and its overall design, it allows for the safe and easy transportation of loads to the desired location horizontally, without the need for excessive physical strength.


The Ekonomik Lift YES 1516 Semi Electric Stacker is manufactured with a steel construction. It features steel pistons and uprights made of rolled U-profiles, ensuring safety during usage. The use of cast materials for the rollers is another important detail.


During operation, the positioning of the forks is crucial. Depending on the task at hand, you can choose between movable or fixed forks, allowing for a more effective fulfillment of your specific needs. By using the semi-electric stacker, your work efficiency will significantly increase in all aspects.